Enlarging the San Maurizio Hospital
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Enlarging the San Maurizio Hospital

Tiemann-Petri und Partner

Enlarging the San Maurizio Hospital
By Editorial Staff -
Stahlbau Pichler has participated in the project

The San Maurizio hospital in Bolzano has been extended using a design by Tiemann-Petri und Partner that added a helipad and new north and south wings (divided into sections A, B and C), connected by a glazed foyer. 

Efficiency, clear pathways and well-being for hospital users were the elements underscoring the design, favoring natural lighting through the use of glazed elevations. 

The latter were created by Frener & Reifer and Stahlbau Pichler (both from Alto Adige) working together to find technical solutions and to manage the project assembly stages. 

Using a series of mullions and transoms, the façades were created with aluminum panels and standard ribbon windows. This option ensured a relatively inviting, light setting with views of the landscape, without having to give up on protection and tranquility.  The first-floor area has large windows that can be opened, adding a real interior sense of comfort. 

The main entrance, located between the extension and existing hospital, leads into a glazed foyer that doubles as a connection point and distribution hub for the entire hospital. Located between the A, B and C wings of the hospital, the internal courtyards create open spaces and improve the lighting; the eight glazed foyers have a similar function, allowing plenty of fresh air through glazing that can be fully opened. 

On the south side, two glazed bridges connect the side wings of the building and wings A. B and C, making it easy to orient oneself in the clinic. 

Stahlbau Pichler’s involvement in the project was to create the façade of the north wing, the constructions on the roof, the roof of the glazed connection foyer and the helipad. 

The north façade, with mullions and transoms, was created using a double-skin system with full-height, screen printed glass panels protected by a series of roller sunscreens. 

For the connecting glazed façade, the pitched roof (2% slope) was constructed using a continuous mullion and transom structure in steel with aluminum profiles and thermo-insulated glass. 

Cooperating on project management allowed a single project, notable for its simple yet contemporary look and, through the external relations, a pleasing, comfortable space for all users. 


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