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Twentyone Angullia Park EN

SCDA Architects

Twentyone Angullia Park
By SCDA Architects -

Designed to reinterpret urban tropical living, TwentyOne Anguilla Park is a 36-storey tower containing 54 residential units over 35 stories, with two extensive sky terraces providing ample communal space on the higher levels of the development. Articulated through a pragmatic arrangement of stacked clusters of units, the design maximises the spatial quality and quantity of communal greens in a high-rise tower. The introduction of sky terraces also precludes the need for communal spaces at the ground level, allowing for a more formal landscaped arrival.The void spaces created within the tower facilitate the introduction of natural green features. The porosity of the overall building form results in spontaneous daylighting and natural ventilation in the apartment units and common areas.  This, in turn, reduces the load of energy consumption through mechanical means and results in a new bioclimatic dimension.
The tower is positioned on a north–south axis, a passive environmental design approach that is sustainable. The majority of the apartments are lined along this axis, and there are no units on the western side. This favourable orientation provides the majority of the living rooms in the building with a full view of Orchard Road, a major shopping street. The pool and clubhouse are expressed as cantilevered volumes off the western façade.
By introducing a series of double-volume units in the development, the interplay of high ceiling spaces and the overlapping of unit volumes add texture to the building’s façade. While four different unit configurations are available, all apartments are designed according to a regular grid that promotes efficient construction.Each unit is also configured and designed to clearly differentiate between the wet and dry areas. By placing all the dry areas such as living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms towards the front façade of each apartment, service spaces containing the wet amenities can be contained to a smaller area with a less-imposing volume within each unit. This reduces the overall amount of space required for mechanical and electrical services, and allows higher ceiling spaces and maximal daylight entry in the living areas.

SCDA Architects

Location: Singapore
Completion: 2014
Architects: SCDA Architects
Interior Designer: SCDA Interiors, Suying Metropolitan Studio
Landscape Designer: Cicada
Contractor: Forte Builder

C&S Engineer: Meinhardt
M&E Engineer: Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner

Photography: 1-5-7-8-10-12 © Aaron Pocock, 2-4-6-9-11 © Robert Such, 3 © SCDA Architects

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