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Private Residence
By mmpstudio -
The lot is located into a protected area of Natural Park of Sile River. The whole project has been driven by environmental constrains: the lots shape, the ecological awareness and the traditional rural housing archetype. The entire house is fully realized in wood. In design, materials and construction technics, were conceived as simple as possible in order to minimize the environmental impact. The load-bearing structure is made by X-LAM joint with insulating wooden fibers, qualifying the house as a “A” class eco-saving building. The asymmetric roof is made by flat cotto tile. On the south side of the house, 18 meters long glass walls allow the highest consumption of solar radiation during the winter. Instead, the pergola shading, assures the proper protection in the summer season. Additionally the skylights roof permits natural suction ventilation, which works as a rudimentary but effectiveness aircon system. Domestic larch has been used as unique material for planking, even doors and windows. The only exception is the rough-cut quartz floor in dark grey color that welcomes you at the entrance and defines the geometric volume that surrounds stairs and service spaces. Furniture are combined by a minimalist central idea. Few of them are uniquely hand made pieces designed by Maria Grazia Martinelli: the office table constructed with rusted steel and “pietra serena”, the materials shelves, the black leather sofa, the walk-in closets, the dinner table and the lanterns hanged along the corridor. Several vintage pieces have been bought at flea markets and then placed in a proper location: as the Breuer chairs realized by Knoll, fifties Swedish armchairs, ceiling lamps of George Nelson, floor lamp by Castiglioni and shaped mirrors. In the living room is adorned with the sofa by Verzelloni, the floor light “Cesta” by Santa & Cole, cabinets by Pastoe, MK kitchen with Gaggenau – Alpes Inox – Smeg hold appliances. Even Maria Grazia Martinelli’s oil painting on canvas. Into the bedroom a central sommier by Hoffman, floor light “Tolomeo” by Artemide, and a hand made mosquito net in linen. Two bathrooms are placed into the same space, dividing element as the bathtub. The bathroom is composed of mirrors dated in fifties, bathroom fixture by Duravit, spigots by Zazzeri and lamps designed by Ingo Mauer.
Construction: January 2011 Location: Silea, Treviso, Italy Architects: Maria Grazia Martinelli, Martina Monti, Silvia Pesavento Collaborator: Sara Bello House contractor: RasomBau Excavation and foundation contractor: Impresa Calzavara srl Commissioned: Maria Grazia Martinelli and Giacomo Mucci Volume: 540 cubic meters
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