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Epée de Bois Nursery

h2o architectes

Epée de Bois Nursery
By h2o architectes -

This project consists in the extension and rehabilitation of a nursery for 24 children. The nursery is located on a very tight and narrow site, almost hidden by several very different looking buildings.

The extension of the nursery is an opportunity to give new coherence to the group of buildings. It is set against an existing building at the end of the courtyard, and is given a distinct visual identity as a clear, readable volume. A light exterior perforated shell protects the glass building which houses the nursery spaces and play terraces on the first level.

This exterior shell enables light to penetrate into the building; it undulates slightly to indicate the entrances. Views from the inside are thus created, so that the children can look out from the roof terrace which has become an open playground.

The nursery is built on three levels, the children occupying the ground -floor and first floor. Technical and private spaces are relegated to the basement. This level is lit by an English courtyard offering views on linear plantations at the base of the façades. A trellis encourages climbing plants to develop high into an envelope of light canvas. The latter acts as a visual protection from the windows of the nursery. 

Program: Refurbishment and extension of a nursery in the center of Paris
Location: 5 rue de l’Épée de Bois,Paris
Client: City of Paris
Architecture Studio: h2o architectes
Team: h2o architectes (lead architect) with ID+ (engineer)
Surface: 300m²
Cost: 1,492 500 euros HT
Photographer: Julien Attard, http://www.julienattard.com


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