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Building with wood

Building with wood
By Matteo Thun -

Wood means comfort. It stands for lightness, naturalness and longevity. It features pleasant haptic qualities, is warm, soft and smooth while being solid at the same time.
Building with wood is thus the best way to express the Genius Loci - the soul of a place - in harmony with the surrounding nature. Architecture needs to visually merge into the natural setting in order to be of a long-term aesthetic value and thus be sustainable, meaning in this case to have a long lifetime. The qualities of wood as building material are the most exceptional ones  – it is renewable, environmental friendly, it consumes the least amount of energy when processed and has good insulation as well as good structural properties. That’s why wood as building material has become more modern and essential than ever and its usage in architecture inescapable.
My philosophy of the “three zeros” – zero km, zero Co2 and zero waste – matches perfectly with all properties of wood: it is in most cases available close to the construction sites, is easy to recycle and flexible as well as sustainable.I have always been fascinated by wood - its surface, its sensuality and its beauty. A beauty that becomes more fascinating through time when it takes on a patina through the impact of light, temperature, humidity, freeze… a patina that is like the stratified memory of wood giving it a soul and making it tell its own story of life.

Matteo Thun

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