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The design studio is Archohm's Head office in India. Often labeled as a design fort, the design of the studio reflects the 'mad and fun' design philosophy of Archomites. The site is located in an extremely dense suburban area within the vicinity of the NCR with a built up area of 4,000 sq meters. Standing tall at a height of 10m, Archohm’s Corten steel entrance door creates an intimidating first impression giving the building its character and symbolizing the continuity of the outer street into this ‘square’, the atrium for visitors. At the centre of the entrance atrium also stands a metal sculpture, christened ‘The Hand’, crafted out of scrap material, which has been made to welcome visitors. A moat augments the medieval modern dialogue with a revolving bridge that connects the main studio to the front garden. Red Sandstone clads the boundary wall, with etchings that depict the focus areas of the firm. The main building is divided into five components, each of which are defined by the use of distinct materials; concrete, glass, brick, stone and metal. The main studio space takes the north face and is an economical R.C.C. framed structure wrapped in glass. The glazed façade brings in diffused light, to create optimum working conditions. To distinguish a sense of identity within the various sectors of the studio, each department is assigned a particular color in the building section and elevation. The external façade is transparent creating a dynamic visual collage of materials and colors that is able to represent life at Archohm. Large circular cutouts connect the floors vertically. Staggered in location, these openings visually connect across three levels. Placed near the entrance, a robust, circular 'rotunda' of brick accommodates all services. The rooftop of this rotunda transfers into a circular amphitheater that can accommodate up to a hundred people. At every half-floor height, washrooms are placed with designed wooden benches for waiting. The southern face is obstructed with a three-meter thick stonewall hollowed at various levels to house playful glass, transparent meeting rooms creating an incredible internal visual dialogue. The metal roof of the atrium rise three floors high, extending itself into a metal box, as it scales into a badminton court for the studio, behind the stone wall. On the first floor, sits the orange boardroom adorned at the centre with a triangular concrete table. At the terrace, the concrete triangle converges into a skylight and swimming pool, which is covered by a cooling white canopy. Beyond the pool, lies an open garden that overlooks the office cafeteria.
Credits Typology: Office Name of Project: Studio Archohm Location: Noida Name of Client’s Firm: Archohm consults pvt ltd Principal Architect: Mr. Sourabh Gupta Design Team: Anindya Ghosh, Girdhar Singh Rautella, Shivdutt Sharma, Tanushree, S.P Gupta Site Area: 2400 sq m Built-Up Area: 4000 sq m Completion Date: December 2011 Photographer: Humayun Khan and Andre Fanthome CONSULTANTS Structural Roark Mechanical - Archohm Electrical Archohm Civil Archohm Landscape Archohm HVAC Abid Husain PlumbingTechno PMC Façade Archohm Engineering Archohm
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