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Giuseppe Tortato

AB Medica
By Giuseppe Tortato -

Inspired by the super fast boat hulls, the building’s volume expresses dynamism and innovation of a group at the forefront of research, in strict compliance with the energy saving and psycho-phisical well-being of the employee.
The fast and functional building represents, in its forms, the activities that contains and the history the company tells. Sustainability, industry, creativity and experimentation, sun exposure, highway noise pollution, well being of workers are the main points of the project tailored to the client needs. An Icon, now, that conveys a sense of dynamism and technological power that represents the company but also an experience that has improved the quality of life of its users.
The project for the headquarters of AB Medica, an italian farmaceutical company, is developed and designed by architect Giuseppe Tortato. An appealing combination that reveals a  landmark building with functional and symbolic aspects requested by the client and the will of demarcation and qualification of a suburban context flanked by the highway Milano-Varese. An iconic building therefore, able to represent the values of excellence and innovation, typical of the group’s philosophy, specialized in the development and distribution of sophisticated medical robots and DNA analysis. The project is highly contemporary and aligned with the most advanced trends in energy saving (Class A) and psycho-phisical well-being  standards required by an efficient workplace.
The dimensions of speed and dynamics of the nearby highway are translated into an architecture that finds inspiration in the sophisticated and technologically advanced of super-fast boats world. The particular shape of the lot and highway constraints, lead the design to a triangular shape similar to a boat hull that slips between green hills that are functional to thermal and acoustic insulation of the whole area.
The green is integrated as an inseparable part of the building becoming itself material of construction that contributes to its insulation and the quality of life for users. The volume carved at the base of large inclinated baffles of ventilated facades exposed, made with the StoVentec R system, which integrate the functions of insulation and energy saving, it opens upstairs in an air and more light element, defined by an integral plate the prefabricated building below but structurally released. This free plan and totally glazed, are distributed the open space offices where the structural elements are limited around patios and along the triangular irregular perimeter. The roof, rotated according to the solar orientation respect to the shape required of the ground floor, is equipped with strong objects with the function of solar shielding and characterized by the triangular openings of the patios that ensure the comfort of natural light diffused in all the operational plan.
An advanced plant with technological systems that use renewable energies such as geothermal and solar PV, responds to the prerogatives of a Class A building. Through the exploitation of ground water for the climatisation with heat pumps, high efficiency is optimized thanks to the presence of an antifire water reserve. In addition the ground water also feeds the irrigation system of the surrounding parkland.
Natural lighting for the office space offices, in different seasonal conditions, is guaranteed by a proper orientation of the façades and a balanced use of the projections related to the almost all-glass walls. The use of glass is weighted in accordance with a high classification efficiency, while it remains an element of prestige and strongly characterizes the working environment. The internal and external lighting was designed with Zumtobel staff that ha also supplied all lighting for both office areas and for technical and store areas.
“My activity has always been aimed to break with conventions, proposing projects that focuses on sensory experience in a larger whole that is the urban territory. Create a place in which to work and live, but also refuge, an oasis, a refuge regenerator, showing where possible the presence of nature. A project in which the viewer never loses the dialogue with his sensory side, as opposed to what happens in many artificial casings which tend to cancel the man in established patterns. My projects at the center put a conscious man, who feeds on true experiences as opposted to what happens in many artificial casings, which tend to cancel individuality with established patterns”.

Architect: Giuseppe Tortato
Project manager: Giorgia Celli
Design team: Giorgia Celli, Elena Fantoni, Matteo Noto (Parametric design), interior designer Cristina Sipala
Executive project: Stefano Niccoli, A&I Progetti
Structure: Massimo Toni, A&I Progetti
Work Management: A&I Progetti
Art Direction: Giuseppe Tortato, Giorgia Celli
General contractor: GDM Costruzioni spa, Intercantieri Vittadello Spa
Plants: Studio Planning
Client: AB Medica spa
Suppliers: Schuco, IALC serramenti Srl, Sto Italia srl,  Zumtobel, barth Innenausbau Sas, Climaveneta, Marazzi Group srl, Mirage, Liuni, Nora gomme, Listotech


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