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Edifici Garibaldi Executive Complex

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Edifici Garibaldi Executive Complex
By Editorial Staff -
dormakaba has participated in the project

Once home to Hotel Executive, this exceptionally dynamic district in Milan has an abundance of the infrastructure and transport connections that have become so fundamental to business, tourism and a contemporary lifestyle. And now it has the new Edifici Garibaldi Executive complex. On the block bordered by Via Tocqueville, Via D’Azeglio and Viale Sturzo, three buildings rise, bearing the names of the respective streets, having been created through a process of decomposing the existing to form a new cutting-edge technology hub, a space for culture and finance to coexist and integrate, a zone in which future and tradition find space in a blend of urban development and efficiency. It is, really, a “building of buildings” in which three blocks of varied heights have clearly identifiable shapes and different ways of interacting with their surrounds. The numbers are impressive: 1,000 sq. m average area per floor, 22,500 sq. m total office space, 4,500 sq. m green spaces and panoramic terraces. Achieving energy efficiency and reducing the environmental impact are a couple of the features that are shared by all parts of this complex, for which the revamp was designed by Onsitestudio, managed by Colliers Italia and coordinated by Milan-based integrated design firm General Planning. The cooperation of these different actors was all driven in the direction of a comprehensive upgrade to achieve LEED Platinum certification.

Edifici Garibaldi Executive Courtesy Dormakaba

Since Edifici Garibaldi Executive is home to a plethora of companies each requiring their own access and entry systems (using badges or smartphones), it was essential to guarantee flexibility of space without compromising on the options for precise access control and management. The solution was an integrated system from dormakaba: exos 9300 access control software, which is modular and suitable for such a complex with its variety of companies and variations in space usage. To ensure controlled access to the three buildings, the outdoor terrace and the inner courtyard, about 60 RFID and smartphone badge readers were installed. This system has the additional option of being integrated with the alarm, such that, for example, if a door is forced open the system records the event and notifies the alarm management system in real time so the alarm can be set off.

Access to the three receptions is regulated by Argus 40 security gates – once again from dormakaba – in an anodized aluminum finish, with one larger gate to allow increased accessibility.

“Edifici Garibaldi Executive is an emblematic example of wise land redevelopment”, stressed the dormakaba manager for this project, Gianluca Ruggeri, before adding, “I am confident that the security and access management system will be able to fully meet all the needs of the thousands of people who will use the facility over the next few years. The work is the result of open, structured discussions with various stakeholders”.

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