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Ecocasa Nupigeco
By Editorial Staff -
LignoAlp has participated in the project
The decision taken by Nupigeco, a manufacturer of pipes and fittings, to build a show house (Ecocasa Nupigeco) at its Castel Guelfo plant near Bologna was born from the desire to actually showcase the use of its products in an eco-sustainable, energy efficient house. This extremely comfortable house gets its power from a rooftop photovoltaic installation designed to achieve Class A CasaClima certification. Numerous building component and system manufacturers were part of the construction process. These companies not only share the underlying philosophy, but can also use the show house to host events and, of course, as a genuine exhibition of their wares and technologies. One such firm is LignoAlp, which created the entire structure of the house using load-bearing wooden panels and wooden flooring, and external insulation in wood fibre.
The building was conceived as a two-storey family home, with two painted ground-floor sections at right angles housing the living area and some bedrooms. The upper floor has the remaining bedrooms and juts out slightly. The wooden panel coating on this floor clearly differentiates it from the rest of the house, while also emphasising and protecting the entrance below. Using a wooden structure combines the eco-sustainability of the raw material with excellent sound and thermal insulation, while also making it anti-seismic. Since one of the targets was to create an energy self-sufficient building that was also very comfortable, Ecocasa has green roofs for the flat sections, a rooftop photovoltaic system to provide power and a geothermal installation with a heat pump to heat water for general use and to provide winter heating and summer cooling. The automation system provided by Vimar manages the heating, lighting, closure of doors and windows, and alarm systems.
The house is used for conferences, events and product displays, as well as offering some guest lodgings and a few workstations. Moreover, people will live in it throughout the year to monitor consumption levels and performance so as to prove this is an energy self-sufficient house.

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I - 39042 Bressanone (BZ)
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I - 39050 Nova Ponente (BZ)
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