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ECB Barbera headquarters

Elegant and comfortable offices

ECB Barbera headquarters
By Editorial Staff -
Quadrifoglio Group has participated in the project

For over 25 years, The Quadrifoglio Group has been designing offices, taking pride in the organization of work areas and the furnishings. The Group’s clear goal is to create working environments that encourage people to work actively and efficiently in a comfortable setting. At the same time, it has always kept a close eye on how technology is rapidly changing how we work. Carefully listening to the client is an essential part of its process as it seeks to resolve typical office issues, such as cold, impersonal spaces, as well as workers being overly sedentary. The treasure chest of experience built up by The Quadrifoglio Group over the years is placed at the client’s disposal when planning a working area, including relaxation and breakout spaces where people can be in groups or alone. At the heart of this approach is the careful use of furniture, selecting items by imaging a typical working day and all the necessities this brings. ECB Barbera’s headquarters is part of the new Nice-Méridia business park, and it is a wonderful example of the Group’s philosophy and experience in practice. As the client’s brief was for an informal space in which employees “feel at thome”, the Quadrifoglio team designed spaces that run off a central corridor, with glazed, melamine and wooden partitions from the XW collection creating a curving pathway. The workstations were furnished with specifically designed pieces matching the overall minimal, elegant style and offering the required combination of visual permeability, privacy and acoustic comfort. In practical terms, the 400 sq m occupied by the real estate firm’s office are divided along functional lines, but with specific, elegant furnishings that encourage active cooperation between colleagues and real work life quality. As the export manager Cris Rosolen noted, the project for this real estate practice concretely shows how the Group uses its experience to achieve two fundamental, well-defined goals: guarantee an environment that ensures well-being for users and create spaces that are aesthetically coherent and efficient.

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