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A Ribbon through Past and Present


Dromont plant
By Editorial Staff -

Pavesmac was founded thirty years ago in the Cuneo province, in the Italian region of Piedmont. After initially focusing on concrete pavers, the company diversified its product and service range to curbstones, and interior and exterior building blocks. It also designed and developed Porfidbloc®, an engineered square stone paving block with a split finished for which the firm holds a European patent. The project for Dromont, a manufacturer of machinery for the paint and color industry, marked a return to the Langhe zone, where everything began in 1987. The upgrade and extension of this plant was designed by Gianni Arnaudo, focusing on overhauling the original building that had become outdated and far too small for such a dynamic, growing company. Arnaudo conceived a large “ribbon” made of metal sheets that stretches right across the main façade, characterizing the entire complex. The curved line of this addition is pierced by a glass “skewer”, adding a further element of distinction. This glazed component is more than a striking compositional element as it links the old and new buildings, allowing people to move easily between the structures and adding consequentiality to the architectural design. This “skewer” also adds a final touch by protruding through the main façade to create a lookout with sweeping views of the surrounding countryside. The curved, sculpted look that is central to the design and style is reinforced by the use of Pavesmac paving, which becomes the “pedestal” for this artwork to rest on. Pavesmac’s contribution to this project showcases the company’s expertise in providing the ideal solution for any type of outdoor design, regardless of the use (low, medium or heavy usage) and client’s brief, offering a wide product range from pavers (I Classici, I Drenanti, I Ricostruiti and the new Alias Stone range) to large-format slabs (BIG) and thin plates.

Via Boves, 55 - I - 12016 - Peveragno (Cn)
Tel. +39 0171 383543
E-mail: [email protected] - www.pavesmac.com

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