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Detached House

Detached House
By Editorial Staff -
Aluk Group has participated in the project
Architect Umberto Cecchini’s brief was to renovate a detached
60s-70s house in the Val di Sogno hills bordering the eastern shores of Lake Garda.
The natural setting is an integral part of a programme designed to create continuity with the past while meeting new client needs with modern construction technologies.
The simplicity of the original structure allows an intricate interweave between building and nature. Garden and greenery “enter” the house through the many vistas available from the inside. In turn, the rooms of the house seem to push outwards into the natural landscape. This is especially the case in summer when the large glazed apertures are opened up, and indoors spills over into outdoors.
The continuum between indoors and out is made of light and colour. For this reason, and given the particular climate of the region, warm materials and tones were chosen for the interiors: ash wood for furniture, American cherry door panels and the warm yellow-pink hues of Nembro Veronese marble for indoor flooring and outdoor paving.
Fundamental to the interior design are the large glazed facades. Great attention was given to the choice of door and window frames. All the French windows, windows, and sliding doors belong either to AluK Group’s 671W or SC140TT range of titanium-finish aluminium frames enclosing low-emissivity double glazing. AluK’s thermal break frames were chosen for their ability to blend effortlessly with both the building and its interior décor.
As well as coming in large sizes, the door and window frames also ensure excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, easy operability, maximum water and wind proofing - essential in this particular case - long service life and practically zero maintenance.

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