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Detached Family Home

Detached Family Home
By Editorial Staff -
Rheinzink has participated in the project

This detached family house in Strasswalchen, Austria was designed by architect practice Thalmeir & Felber. The client, however, delivered a detailed brief: they wanted a flexible home that would adapt as the family grew and changed over the years; the house had to be a protective shelter but at the same time open out onto the garden and outdoors; finally it had to remain within a strict budget.
Rising from its concrete plinth, the roadside façade somewhat resembles a fortress topped by embattlements, the solid, Rheinzink-clad sections alternating with glazed ‘voids’. This austere, inward looking frontage is contrasted by the completely open design of the façade facing the garden. Here the house is inundated by light streaming through full-height glazed doors that open onto the garden. The floor plan was designed with flexibility in mind. An overall linear design is underscored by the materials used: wood on the interior, and Rheinzink cladding for façades and roof. The ventilated wall combines protection from the elements with a pleasing aesthetic. The specially designed pattern of different size rectangular shingles laid horizontally and vertically lend a pictorial effect to the outer surface cladding. Rheinzink’s double seamed system was used for the roof. Pre-patinated pro dark grey Rheinzink sheets were used throughout.
As well as longevity, flexibility and no maintenance, Rheinzink offers another essential property as an IGEF certified electrosmog shield. As the house is located in the vicinity of a powerful transmitter, protection from magnetic waves was another client requirement.


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