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Design with Communication
By Editorial Staff -
Uainot has participated in the project
Uainot has team of project designers, architects and communication professionals, allowing it to specialise in creative consulting, design, planning, marketing and communication. The company’s purpose is to give life to integrated projects, firm in the understanding that the values of a brand must also emerge through the design of a space and vice versa. Uainot’s flagship projects include the Corradi space at Fuorisalone and the Marazzi showrooms in New York and Hamburg, where the layout of space is fundamental to communicating the company’s brand identity, values and product placement. The marriage between design and communication achieves perfection in the creative management that Uainot sees as the tangible and fruitful balance of its skills. There is a strong link with ephemeral architecture and this gave birth to the design and creation of a 700 m2 space for the Corradi Group at Rimini’s International Exhibition of Outdoor Equipment and Furniture. “Design and communicate. These are the worlds we decided to bring together inside the same company,” explained Gianluca Rossi, Uainot’s CEO. “Creativity and communication, real settings and ephemeral spaces, skills and technology, people who bring with them successful experiences in areas that only apparently differ. All of this lies at the basis of the different approach that is Uainot’s hallmark. I believe the world of architecture and project design has never been so deeply linked to the world of communication as it is today. As such, we decided to create a marketing and communication division in what is a fully fledged architecture and design practice.”

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