Design and Warmth for Wellness Areas
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Design and Warmth for Wellness Areas

Design and Warmth for Wellness Areas
By Editorial Staff -
Caleido has participated in the project

In the realm of contemporary interior design, nothing is left to chance and every element can be meticulously and strategically deployed to enhance the stylistic essence of the environment and design goals. With this in mind, each range of Caleido towel warmers has been specifically designed to blend seamlessly into a wellness environment, whether in a home or hospitality setting. Such effortless integration enhances esthetic coherence while optimizing energy efficiency through a thoughtful blend of materials and technologies. Versatility in size and finish is a hallmark of the Caleido radiator collection, created by renowned designers such as Marco Piva, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Jean-Michel Wilmotte, Francesco Lucchese, Giuseppe Bavuso and Gabriele and Oscar Buratti. Each of these designers has given the radiator their own touch, using lines and accessories to reinterpret the radiator and ensure that it never falls into the realm of the banal. As a result, the towel warmer transcends its functional role to become a dynamic, sculptural piece of furniture. Among the options, Ottolungo stands out for its juxtaposition of materials and finishes that go beyond mere functionality. Similarly, Brasilia Wide features undulating waves that open up a fresh esthetic space. Pentagramma, on the other hand, meets design requirements thanks to its snap-in hanger. The range is rounded off by the radiators from Caleido Lab, the company’s in-house research laboratory, which are no less impressive in terms of esthetics and performance. The collection offers a wide range of towel warmers in a variety of materials and geometric shapes, using the latest finishes to complement the contemporary esthetic of bathroom design. Examples of this synergy include Caesar and Dinamo, which demonstrate the versatility of a material such as brass, while Gufo, Cigno and Colibrì illustrate the use of steel as the main component. 

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