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Delvaux Concept Store
By Editorial Staff -
Barth Innenausbau has participated in the project
Since 1839, Belgium-based Delvaux has been making luxury leather items, but it also recently reopened its concept store in Brussels’ upmarket Galerie de la Reine shopping centre. The store was completely restyled, with the architectural side being overseen by Vudafieri Saverino Partners and the artistic side by Martine Feipel and Jean Bechameil. The whole project was done in an extremely short space of time, with the key involvement of the interior furnishing firm Barth, which looked after the windows, display cases and all the wooden items, furnishings, walls and flooring.
Three shop windows connect the store to the shopping centre, illuminating an interior dominated by the white of the walls and furnishings, the light wood of the flooring and the fine nickel-plated and pale gold wire meshes that frame the shelves and glass display cases. This classic yet contemporary space is filled with lightness and elegance, where the use of materials and shapes has been carefully designed to ensure a visual and tactile experience. Delvaux products are famed for their attention to detail and this is picked up in the furnishings, the 3D profiles and furniture frames, and the milling of the galvanised metal profiles of the glass shelves. Free standing and wall mounted units are used to display the products, although some items are playfully hidden by the furniture, protected by an intriguing combination of doors and mirrors. The furniture is moulded using curved lines, with the softness of the shapes picked up in the use of liquid rubber on the surfaces, producing the same velvety tactile effect as leather. The same curving shapes are reflected and emphasised in the mirrors on the ceiling and the walls along the corridor that, designed by Feipel and Bechameil, were made using Acrystal, an easy-to-mould material made with acrylic resins.

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