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Custom Envelopes for Airports

Custom Envelopes for Airports
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Simeon has participated in the project

Simeon has more than 50 years of experience, over 60 completed projects, 180 employees in six locations – in France, Italy, Monte Carlo and New York – and a long-standing focus on sustainability, making it a leader in the architectural envelope construction industry. Specializing in the use of state-of-the-art products and finishes using premium materials such as glass, steel and aluminum, the group works with designers and architects to find practical solutions to real problems, meeting the demanding engineering standards required by the industry. Three ambitious projects carried out in France, at Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports in Paris, provide good examples of this. At Orly, Simeon was entrusted with two projects by the client Groupe ADP – Aéroport de Paris: the first, in the Jetée Est area, required the construction of a special façade with structural glass mullions; for the second, in Terminal 3, arc-welded steel cross-beams and round rod mullions, also in steel, were used. A large external canopy is the connection point between the façade and the roof.

SIMEON courtesy Simeon

For the Unique Air France lounge at Charles de Gaulle airport, Simeon created the metal carpentry structure and the related glazed envelopes, with both curved and flat sections, thus providing another demonstration of the group’s excellent quality. By working actively with the client’s in-house architectural team, the company was able to satisfy every request, developing ad hoc solutions when necessary to meet the diverse needs of each project.
As airports are unique places, each step in such projects must be carefully studied, down to the last component, to ensure that the required performance and durability can be guaranteed, even if, as is often the case, this requires the creation of customized technical solutions. Since these are high-traffic areas where logistical and safety requirements demand an end product that minimizes extraordinary maintenance, nothing can be left to chance. Simeon has acquired a great deal of expertise in this field and is now able to assist any architectural office in the realization of such projects, even in complex contexts such as those described.

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