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Cultural Centre
By Editorial Staff -
Prefa has participated in the project
The cultural centre designed by Gärtner + Neururer in Engerwitzdorf, Austria is a highly symbolic building chosen by a fast-growing town that in recent years has done much to put itself on the map with a series of prestigious, high-impact architectures. The 1,400 sq m cultural centre houses a large hall for theatrical and musical events, rehearsal rooms, catering facilities and a youth centre. Its strikingly simple design fits easily into the existing town fabric. It stands out, however, for the refined choice of materials, especially the “crumpled” look of the façade that resembles a stage curtain or, in the words of the architects, the crumpled paper from an unwrapped chocolate - a symbolic reference to the new cultural centre as something to be enjoyed by the whole town. To obtain this particular feature, the designers chose aluminium for its malleability and mechanical strength, and approached Prefa. The choice fell on Delphin-colour, pre-painted Prefalz Deluxe aluminium. Its great flexibility makes this product particularly easy to work especially in projects with irregular roof and façade designs.
To obtain an irregular effect on roof and façade, the aluminium was cut into long strips and scratched. The colour nuances obtained by the ground finish give the façade a further dynamic effect: the metal sheen changes appearance depending on the light and the position of the observer. Although the two main buildings are clad with the same material, the different reflections make them contrast interestingly.
The exterior metal wall slides inside the building to clad the foyer. Here it encounters the wood cladding of the gallery walls and ceiling creating a warm blend of different materials and hues.

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