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C.P.C. Group Headquarters

Tailor-Made and Prefabricated

Marcello Dettori | Bruno Dettori

C.P.C. Group Headquarters
By Editorial Staff -
PROMO S.p.A. has participated in the project

Located in the industrial area of Modena, northwest of the historic center, the headquarters of C.P.C. Group, a leader in the automotive industry, dominates the local skyline with its glass tower. Marcello Dettori and Bruno Dettori were the brains behind the design of the complex, but to move the project forward they worked closely with the experts at Promo S.p.A., who oversaw its implementation in accordance with both the architectural design and the identity and expectations of the client. 

The essence of the design evolves vertically, using a combination of metal frame and concrete slabs encased in a continuous envelope of cellular glass. 

Sede C.P.C. Group © Maurizio Paradisi, courtesy Promo S.p.A.

This integration not only increases the functionality of the structure, but also enhances its esthetic appeal. For greater design flexibility and speed of construction, the company developed a prefabricated, hot-dip galvanized frame that could be transported and bolted together on site. Working in synergy with the architects to select the most suitable materials and technologies, the use of prefabricated elements and the collaboration with Schüco Italia, a long-standing partner of Promo, made it possible to maintain a trussed structural framework characterized by compact dimensions. 

The column sections, made of S355 grade seamless mechanical tubes, vary in diameter from 300 mm at the base to 220 mm at the top, while the bracing, also made of seamless mechanical tubes and equipped with seismic dissipators, varies in diameter from 220 to 140 mm. For the façade cladding – characterized by double glazing connected to the cells by ball joints – the company identified Float Glass ExtraClear SunGuard HD Silver Gray 32 glass, which is 10 mm thick, with a 16 mm cavity filled with argon gas, as the most suitable solution, adding a 6+6 mm laminate on the inside. 

Sede C.P.C. Group © Maurizio Paradisi, courtesy Promo S.p.A.

This composition maximized thermal transmittance performance, reaching approximately 1.4 W/m2K. In addition, the attentive design of the cladding, studied using a dynamic system based on a customized modular and scalable construction solution, proved to be instrumental in achieving an optimal environment inside the building. 

Finally, the roof projects slightly compared to the rest of the building and has a grid-structure with photovoltaic panels and internal anchoring systems for the maintenance of the glass envelope. 

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E-mail: [email protected]www.promospa.eu

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