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a game of Light and shadow

campana costruzioni | Simonetta Conter

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By Editorial Staff -
SanMarco Terreal has participated in the project

In the 1930s, the fishmonger’s district in the old city centre of Brescia experienced a spate of development under the guidance of architect Marcello Piacentini, with old buildings demolished and gutted. In one case, an 18th-century building was partially torn down, but a section was left intact, creating what became known as the “gap on Via Dante”. This “gap” is the site for a new building created by Campana Costruzioni that was part of an enormously complex project because the new build was adjacent to an existing building and included restoring the historical section. This weave of old and new creates interesting, elegant combinations. The historical building has large frames and traditional molding that had to be restored using traditional techniques and materials, while the new construction was built using newer, more sophisticated technologies. For example, the load-bearing structure consists of an iron and wooden frame that only had to be assembled - not built - on site, facilitating the construction process at this site wedged between buildings and near the subway. SanMarco Terreal’s involvement was to create the external cladding for the building. The company’s products were used for the new building, with the ventilated façade clad in chocolate-colored bricks that recall the famous tower on the nearby Piazza Vittoria. The placement of these bricks in horizontal rows creates a play of solids and voids that overlays the infill walling or screens the internal courtyard, allowing in natural light. The cladding was created using T-Shape terracotta bricks installed using essentially a post and beam structure with - as the name suggests - T profiles. The resulting combination of projections and recesses creates a chiaroscuro effect that highlights the façade’s linearity. The end product is an elegant main elevation, with the warm chocolate color weave of materials and lines embraced by light and shadow, which fits discreetly with the façade of the historical building.


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