Corso Europa 22, Refurbishment?
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Corso Europa 22, Refurbishment?

Corso Europa 22, Refurbishment?
By Editorial Staff -
Thema has participated in the project
In the late 1950s, Vico Magistretti designed a building on Corso Europa in Milan that has recently been refurbished and given a new lease of life. The design for this project was by Lombardini 22, with IGS as the general contractor.
The edifice, rising 8 storeys, is due to become an office block, but the way the facade is divided is what really characterises this structure. It is split into six vertical sections by architectural concrete pilaster strips, with the play on solids and voids and the use of spandrel panels in Montorfano white granite helping to define its unique appearance. The rhythm of the main elevation is largely created by the use of windows divided into three parts, with two side sections where the sill is at a height of 140 cm and a full-height central section.
Lombardini 22 transformed the interiors by pulling down the original walls that created individual offices to provide spaces more suited to the legal practice that now occupies the top five floors.
Revamping the facades and the creation of the internal doors and windows was done by Thema, which worked so as to remain as faithful as possible to Magistretti’s original design. The work on the rear entailed creating a completely glazed facade using Schüco’s FW 50+ structural glazing system so as to increase interior comfort through improved lighting.
A significant amount of work was required to revamp the Corso Europa facade of the building, ensuring the original project was kept by leaving the existing stone (but this was thoroughly restored) and maintaining the width of the window profiles, although the sound and thermal insulation was greatly improved. Schüco AWS70.HI BS for block window constructions was selected for the windows that can open. These aluminium profiles provide excellent heat insulation, but are very thin and visually appealing. The choice of block windows also means the frames are not visible when open, so the pattern on the facade is not broken.
Inside, for the common areas, crystal was favoured in combination with stainless steel accessories .

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