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Climatic Restyling

Park Associati

Cordusio 2 eng
By Editorial Staff -
Mitsubishi Electric has participated in the project

Piazza Cordusio is a key hub in the heart of monumental Milan and it is here that Park Associati undertook the revamping of a historic building originally known as Palazzo Sorgente, but now called Cordusio 2. The refurbishment involved the interior and exterior, with Mitsubishi Electric innovative technologies used to greatly boost energy efficiency.

Park Associati’s restyling also involved functional changes, with the basement, ground and first floors turned into innovative retail space characterized by visual continuity produced through the addition of a staircase and internal bridge. The upper floors, from two to six, are office spaces, with a new top floor added that gives the building a far lighter, almost ethereal look. For this new sixth floor, the opaque glass is segmented using steel and fiber cement plates that mimic the rhythm of windows and walls of the floors below. A new glass roof was also added to the interior courtyard.

Since the energy performance of the building as a whole was improved, the designers were allowed to make additional changes to this historic structure, moving and extending certain surfaces. At the heart of the energy upgrade was the installation of a new summer and winter air conditioning system based on Mitsubishi Electric Climaveneta
ERACS2 - Q SL - CA 2622, with two multipurpose heat pumps that guarantee simultaneous loads throughout the year with considerable energy recovery. Mitsubishi Electric technologies were critical in the energy upgrade, especially because of all the restrictions and limitations placed on such a heritage building. The combination of multifunctional units and the ClimaPRO management and optimization system also reduce the sound and pollutant emissions from the machinery, as well as greatly cutting the amount of space needed for the equipment.

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