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Château des Pères - Hotel L’EssenCiel

Iridescent Hues for Gilded Nests

Agence Unité

Château des Pères - Hotel L’EssenCiel
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Euramax Coated Products has participated in the project

Slightly south of the French city of Rennes, Château des Pères is a place where art and culture blend with hotel hospitality. With origins in the 12th century, the castle was transformed into the current Hotel L’EssenCiel at the beginning of the 20th century, only to be recently expanded with a contemporary juxtaposition designed by architect Anthony Rio and his practice Agence Unité. Completed in 2022, the extension’s iconic tower profile is inspired by the shape of a tree, with 42 residential “bubbles” attached to its trunk, welcoming guests like nests. From these rooms, through large oval windows, guests can enjoy – in total privacy – breathtaking views of the surrounding land and the monumental sculptures on display. Made using metal frames and clad with curved aluminum panels, the room bubbles are connected to the central core by reinforced concrete beams, and the sunlight creates iridescent reflections on their outer surface, achieved by using a gilded coating from Euramax’s AluNatur range. This finish adds a touch of sophistication to the bubbles, giving them a far more natural, almost organic hue. Euramax’s AluNatur range of solutions includes only a colorless pre-treatment, followed by a semi-transparent coating that preserves the natural esthetics and authenticity of the metal, complete with its streaks and any surface shading or variation. 

Château des Pères - Hotel L’EssenCiel © Olivier Marie, courtesy Agence Unité

By opting for AluNatur, the architects could use a range of custom effects and colors, while maintaining uniformity and leaving the substrate of the housing bubbles visible. Thanks to its distinctive volumes and colors, the new structure of the hotel finds a unique way to blend into the surrounds, forming a counterpoint to the historic castle keep. 

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