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By Menegazzostudio -
The typical elements of our territory are those famous traces that overlook the Modern Architecture we are used to observe, where there is a costant search of a minimal art, and instead of preserving the typical features of our land giving them a new modern shape, their context is denied and traces are erased. So, with the clear idea of preserving the traces already located on the territory, the right approach was to embrace the distinctive language of the works of the great masters of Architecture, where we can find a formal simplification united to an extreme amount of architectural elements, but never forgetting the origin and the place.Therefore the basic idea starts from the will to reread and preserve the typical features of our territory, as the exposed stone, the plaster, the entrance portico, the chimney, the loggia. The type of the building is linear, simple, with smart distribution of the inner spaces, with use of materials bringing minimal impact to the health and housing wellness of the inhabitants, regarding environmental and social costs derived by their production, use and assignment, all materials with validation of quality and healthiness and with warranty of full respect of the actual laws about safeguard from fire, isolation performances, thermal and acoustic quality, hygrometric and static characteristics of the building.

Project: MenegazzoStudio
Anno realizzazione: 2016
Luogo: Camponogara (Ve)

Ph. Marco Zanta

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