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Case Sabin - Pieve di Soligo, Italy

Case Sabin - Pieve di Soligo, Italy
By Editorial Staff -
Sabin Homes is a new construction in the Italian town of Pieve di Soligo designed by Stefano Zara. It includes 16 residential, retail and office units, overlooks a public plaza, and is surrounded by gardens and wooded areas. It has two blocks of four floors each, linked by a common stairwell. With its high energy performance levels, it has been classified as a Passive Building according to the PHI (Passive House Institute) in Darmstadt. It also has Gold Glass certification from CasaClima. A heat pump, powered by photovoltaic panels on the roof, provides heating, cooling and hot water for the entire building. The windows have triple glazed wood and aluminium frames with integrated motorized sun blinds operated by a home automation system. Sabin Homes uses a mechanical ventilation system with a heat regenerator certified for passive houses, which contributes to maintaining high quality air in the rooms. Particular attention went into the choice of materials for the interiors, which are brought together by the use of European timber flooring, which gives colour and a sense of uniformity to the rooms. The interior design of one of the flats was the work of Francesco Dal Col, who, in response to his client’s instructions, placed an emphasis on soft, flowing lines, eliminating sharp corners and partitions in the ceilings and walls, and creating an open space with a sense of continuity in which the residents can move around freely. The use of Eclisse stud wall sliding doors to mark off areas within the flat also reflects this design concept, the product being quick to fit accurately while providing a very clean appearance and formal simplicity. The framework is designed for fitting infill materials between the horizontal profiles, while the frame clicks together without needing screws. The Eclisse kit is available in widths from 600 mm to 3 m and heights from 500 mm to 2.9 m. The frame has an internal space of 58-83 mm, which can be altered during installation, for finished wall thicknesses of 100 or 125 mm. This means the product is highly adaptable and, as in this case, can be used with non-standard sized doors, which combine appealing looks with the security of certified quality levels based on forced entry tests on both the door and frame, opening and closing tests on the runners, and corrosion resistance tests.

Via Sernaglia, 76 I - 31053
Pieve di Soligo (TV)
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