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By Editorial Staff -
San Marco Terreal has participated in the project
Brick is an attractive and efficient product, a high performer with properties of insulation and stability. The Casa ST at Barlassina, to plans by Liverani/Molteni Architects, uses SanMarco facing bricks (25x5,5x5,8 cm) as cladding for the masonry base as well as for roof cover. Special geometric features of the texture have made it possible to do away with cement grouts: the facing bricks are packed tight with virtually no crack in between. Using thin facing bricks as façade cladding has advantages in terms of biocompatibility and environmental sustainability, it suits the present-day architectural idiom and it meets the latest thermal and noise insulation standards. Soft mud brick material, using nothing but purest clay without additive, colour or powders, answers the needs of low-cost sustainable architecture. The ‘modernity’ of the material lies in its scope as a modern architectural statement: more and more, brick materials are being used on the outside of building shells, whether as bricks proper, tavelle or facing brickwork. They can be mounted ‘dry’, or at least without visible grouts between bricks. On top of this, brick products amply meet the performance standards set by recent regulations in terms of noise and thermal insulation.


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