Casa Shi in Mexico by HW Studio
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Shi House: suspended over spectacular landscape

A union of vertical and horizontal elements that creates a visual balance between the natural and built environments

HW Studio

Casa Shi in Mexico by HW Studio
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In Morelia, Mexico, HW Studio has designed Shi House, a contemporary residence on a sloping site that overlooks a hilly landscape. The project comprises two contrasting elements, one inside the other: an exposed stone vertical volume, which seems to be part of the mountain itself, and a white horizontal volume that rests across the slope. These opposing elements create an intriguing visual interplay, making the architecture an integral part of the landscape, despite the contrasting colors between it and its natural setting.

Shi House: a spectacular view …

Shi house - HW Studio ©Cesar Bèjar, courtesy of HW Studio

The vertical element houses the stairs and connects the entrance and garages to the rest of the home, while the horizontal element has the living area. Framing the beauty of the surrounding landscape, the living space features panoramic views over a golf course and nature reserve.

Dominated by white tones, the bedrooms and private areas are quite separate from the rest of the home and have no external windows. Each room is L-shaped and has its own bathroom for maximum privacy. The bedroom area features an interplay of walls that creates a maze-like effect, in clear contrast with the straight lines of the exterior.

… in a minimalist space

Shi house - HW Studio ©Cesar Bèjar, courtesy of HW Studio

With its minimalist design, the living area is essential and clean, enriched only by the colors of Mexico’s nature on display outside the home’s large ribbon windows. Armchairs, white sofas, and coffee tables in beige-flecked white marble finish the room with a touch of elegance.

Large windows illuminate the interiors around the entire perimeter, allowing in abundant natural light and creating an ongoing dialogue with outdoors. The kitchen is separated from the living area by a curved wall, designed to soften the surfaces of the house and pay tribute to the three women of the family.


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Location: Morelia, Michoacán,  Mexico
Completion: 2023
Area: 440 m2
Client: Private
Architect: HW Studio

Photography by Cesar Bèjar, courtesy of HW Studio

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