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Franco Pisani Architetto

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The single family house is located in Marcignana, Empoli, 30km west of Florence, Italy. It has been built with a mixed steel and cross laminated timber structure. Thermal performances have been considered since the early sketches: from the positioning of the building inside the plot of land to the finishings and the fixtures. The design is developed around the idea of the integration with the natural context and the orientation toward the landscape. All apertures have been considered in relationship with the views, in particular, the large windows of the living room are focused on the spectacular sunsets that this location is able to offer. The steel pilotis that are holding the main volume of the building have been tilted to reminisce the reeds that are growing along the river Elsa. Walls are made layering cross laminated timber with wood fiber panels in different densities and finally plastered with mineral mortar. All the vertical stuctures have been protected from the agents by metal flashings. The combination of the performances of the building + heating/cooling system give the house a “A class” in terms of energy consuption, equivalent to less than 39.58 kwh/mq/y. Rewarding moments: an affidavit. It was spring 2011. The first time we met, in your office, I remember clearly that while i was giving you a site plan of the lot, I asked you: “Where would you begin to design a small house of about 80 square meters here?” After a quick look at the map, you said that the most valuable thing on site, which would also enhance the value of our future home was the sunset. You talked about the sunsets in Marcignana, and of the incredible color of the sky in the late afternoon, which should be the main element around which the house should be developed. Honestly, we thought: "here is a typical architect, he is trying to surprise us with original and evasive answers, as well as romantic inconsistent details: how can you build a house around the sunset?" The other thing you were paying attention to with insistence was saving the apricot tree, which was always in the middle of the lot. My husband didn't care about it that much, but I was, actually, very emotionally tied to it. “The real problem of this house, now (spring 2014) that, finally, we inhabit it, is that in the afternoon there 's no way you can do anything”. From a certain time on, when you pass in front of the window or on the deck outside, you stay dazed, hypnotized: it seems to be like a movie theatre. And every day the movie is different. You end up sitting in anarmchair or even leaning against the fireplace and wait until it gets dark. I still have a lot of things boxed. This morning I noticed the apricot tree. After a year of construction works, drastic pruning and abuses, on the branches many buds have begun to swell. An indescribable emotion. Everything was worthed.

Periodo di progetto/Design phase: 2013-2014
Costruzione/Costruction phase: 2014

Progetto/Design Progetto Architettonico e Coordinamento: FRANCOPiSANiARCHiTETTO
Collaboratori/Collaborators: Alberto Becherini, Andrea Borghi

Strutture/Structural engineering: Ing. Luca Bartolini
Progetto impianti meccanici: Cristiano Lensi, P.I.
Progetto impianti elettrici: Luca Benelli, P.I.
Direzione lavori: FRANCOPiSANiARCHiTETTO

Cemento Armato e Acciaio: Arcos Building srl
Opere in legno, cartongesso e cappotti: Campigli Legnami
Lattoneria: Officine Galloni
Sanitari e Finiture: Palagini srl
Pavimenti in legno: Tropical Parquet srl
Impianti Elettrici: Linea Luce snc
Impianti Meccanici: Danilo Mannini
Infissi: Internorm - Cepiri Group srl

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