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Casa Sardinera

Ramón Esteve Studio

Casa Sardinera
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CEA Design has participated in the project

Casa Sardinera is a private villa, designed by the Ramón Esteve Studio, sitting on the slope of a hill overlooking the Mediterranean coast in the Spanish province of Alicante in an exceptionally beautiful landscape. 

The site is central to the design, which seeks to ensure the landscape experience can be enjoyed from within the building in a space that is protected but open to the outside, a zone where nature and the built area integrate perfectly. 

The base of the building is a terraced structure in stone and, above this, rises a construction made up of a series of connected halls with outer walls designed to maximize landscape views. This led to the formation of a series of verandas that are basically shaded exterior areas looking onto the pool. These parts of the villa are overlooked by the first floor, where the living areas are found. 

On the second floor, each of the halls has a bedroom that opens onto the exterior through a glazed corner that provides a sweeping view of the sea. 

The transparency of the extensive glazed façades and the fluidity of the pool surfaces are contrasted by the material nature of the horizontal and vertical surfaces in white concrete that frame the volumes. 

White is used across the interior and exterior surfaces, including the brush concrete floors, becoming a defining feature of the villa, providing a sense of unity and creating a spatial fluidity linking rooms and surrounding spaces. 

The interiors were designed by Ramón Esteve down to the last detail, with white Accoya wooden walls and ceilings marked by a series of parallel vertical and horizontal lines found through the villa to create a further sense of spatial uniformity. In such a setting, the bathrooms fit in with the rest, in the same color and with the same patterns and designs. A washbasin, located in a rectangular niche, is one of the design features, complemented by the CEA taps in AISI 316L stainless steel in a satin finish. The wall-mounted tap and spout from the BAR collection, designed by Natalino Malasorti, add to the sharp, precise use of shapes, where horizontal lines reproduce, on a far smaller scale, the same dynamics found in the architecture of the house. 


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