Private Recidence - Shfayim, Israel
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Private Recidence - Shfayim, Israel

Private Recidence - Shfayim, Israel
By Redazione The Plan -
Albertini has participated in the project
Albertini sliding windows and doors are particularly useful for large lights, allowing unobstructed passage between indoors and out. Available in different types of wood and other finishes, solutions can combine numerous flat and curved, fixed or sliding panels. The lift-and-slide unit that disappears into the architecture is the ideal solution to leave the window or door space completely free once opened. It has the double advantage of not occupying space with a sash frame and giving an aesthetically pleasing and practical spatial continuity between inside and out.
Built on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean in Shfayim on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, the private residence designed by Legorreta+Legorreta makes full use of large wood and bronze framed lights. The building echoes the strong colours of its natural setting comprising sea, brush vegetation, sky and earth - prevalently red sand - blending effortlessly with its natural environment. Large picture windows set into the outer walls allow occupants to enjoy the spectacular views from inside. The ground plan offers a range of views onto sea, garden and patio. The patio can also be filled with water from a fountain that will cool the air as it passes into the interior. Completely opening the full height windows creates an aesthetically pleasing area extending inside and out. The use of mirror glass in several full-height windows accentuates the effect of transparency and reflections.

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