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Francesco Pascali

Casa P
By Francesco Pagliari -

Casa P sits on the space formerly occupied by a previous building, on a 20,000 sqm property in the Apulian countryside, at the nexus between a landscape of typical dry -stone walling and its traditional trulli buildings or fortified farmhouses, with the hilly wooded expanse of the Selva di Fasano, with its luxuriant variety of tree species. Francesco Pascali’s design has created a veritable dialogue with local building traditions. He has conjured up a severe, linear volume out of natural and traditional materials - hewn wood for some of the floors and internal doors, Trani stone and grey cement for the flooring, white plaster for the external and internal walls - all of which have established a close relationship with the natural surroundings. Bursting with color, fragrance, light and beauty, the surrounding countryside sometimes frames, sometimes encompasses the home; it is either swept into open yet intimate and enclosed spaces, or reaches out towards the external world via the big loggia that looks out over the south-facing garden. The two-story interior features a central access core. The open-skied hall entered from the eastern side of the home offers access to the southern portion of the ground floor and its expansive living area, which is completely open to an external loggia that, while extended the home, at the same time, acts as a filter against the sun’s rays. The more sheltered northern prospect houses the sleeping area, its bedroom, amenities and wardrobe zone. The upper level offers a large studio space that looks out over the countryside to the south and west; to the north, it opens out onto a series of roofed terraces. An open-air window frames the countryside to the east, as well as offering views out over the entrance hall. The value and strength of this simple yet articulated architectural design lies in the interaction between the interior and the landscape, through elementary volumes that create shifts in depth; the walls embrace spaces for living and being that are suffused by light and wind, while offering shelter from the excesses of Mediterranean summer temperatures. The landscape reaches into the home through a transparent filter of big, glazed walls. Similarly, the view from the garden to the south offers a clear insight into the space that hosts the living room, kitchen and dining area, where a long table provides a fil rouge that links the different spaces. The portion of the home for shared living and social life appears from outside to be framed like part of a big picture, emphasizing the strong, meticulously-developed relationship between the architecture and its natural setting.

Location: Contrada Santa Lucia - Monopoli (BA)
Client: Private
Completion: 2012
Gross Floor Area:  170 m
Architects: Francesco Pascali Architetto
Contractor:  Edilizia Innovativa di G. Schena

Sanitary Ware: Ceramica Flaminia
Bathroom Fittings: Zazzeri

Photography:  © Vito Corvasce

Pascali began his career in 1987, working with a number of practices in and around Vicenza. He opened his own practice in 1995, in Mantua, where he continues to live to this day. He works on residential and industrial architecture, commercial space,  design, temporary installations, and consulting, and is a creative director for a number of companies that operate in several different industries.

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