Casa nell’Orto: contemporary architecture revitalizing the landscape
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Casa nell’Orto: contemporary architecture revitalizing the landscape

Casa nell’Orto: contemporary architecture revitalizing the landscape

LDA.iMdA Architetti Associati’s Casa nell’Orto (House in the orchard) sets out to revitalize its setting in contemporary style.

The project is a compendium of innovative choices aimed at incorporating contemporary architecture into a delicate setting and revitalizing that setting by discovering new potential relationships.

The house appropriates a portion of abandoned land and redefines it. Its shape and materials make no attempt to form a relationship with their setting. They don’t reflect local building traditions. Nor do they set out to revive any sort of lost symbolism from yesteryear. The composition of the Casa nell’Orto is as pure as it is simple, reflecting a child’s drawing of a house.

The studio’s goal was to breathe new life into an area on the urban outskirts. Casa nell’Orto is located near a former industrial landfill site, now converted into sports fields and a major road. These elements are a common theme in the work of LDA.iMdA, which has been involved in innovation and urban regeneration since 2003.

The Pisa-based firm has created a design that has satisfied the client’s brief – to reconnect with nature and grow a vegetable garden – without abandoning a contemporary compositional approach. The cladding is environmentally friendly polyolefin sheathing with high solar reflectance. The floor consists of prefabricated self-supporting larch, polystyrene, and fir panels, treated with a suitable anti-infiltration, water-resistant primer. Accessed by stairs, the entire structure hovers above the ground, which both reduces its footprint on the landscape and solves a series of plumbing issues.

Location: San Miniato, Pisa, Italy
Completion: 2019
Built Area: 84 sqm
ArchitectsLDA.iMdA architetti associati
Photography: MEDULLA studio

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