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Casa N-D-G
By Editorial Staff -
Albertini has participated in the project
Located on Sicily’s Tyrrhenian coast at Cefalù, in the province of Palermo, the N-D-G House turns its back on the surrounding jumble of buildings to look seawards across to the Aeolian Islands on the horizon. Designed by Mariano Farinella with the collaboration of Matteo Franco, the building’s unusual shape is the result of an unusual, more contemporary, breakdown of volumes that although still resonating with traditional Mediterranean architecture sets itself decidedly apart from its neighbours. The roof is peaked to comply with local building regulations. It is, however, split into two parts connected by a large well serving as an inner court and entrance. The residence comprises two main volumes on two levels. In the first, an ample living area looks out onto the countryside and sea thanks to double-height glazing stretching the full length of the front wall and round the corners. The second volume houses the night zone and is appropriately more closed and inward looking. Both volumes are connected to a third unit containing the kitchen and dining room. Its garden roof offers views towards the house or out over the sea. The ample use of glazing reflects the designers’ intention to make the building talk with the landscape, sky, sea and light. The traditional white plaster finish on the walls blends to perfection with the honey coloured Albertini oak-wood frames that echo and reinforce the whole design. Albertini’s Wis’A system allows ample customisation and was here tailor-made to design requirements. These included pivot casements and off-centre frames. The resultant architecture is striking for its use of light, continuity between inside and out, and use of site to create picturesque views over select parts of the landscape.

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