capitol vista Ankara Office Tower
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capitol vista Ankara Office Tower

A dynamic timber envelope

Anmahian Winton Architects

capitol vista Ankara Office Tower
By Editorial Staff -
Prodema has participated in the project

Located west of Ankara’s old town in an up-and-coming quarter close to the Eskeşehir Highway, the Capitol Vista Ankara Office Tower designed by Anmahian Winton Architects plays a fundamental urban role as a hinge between a residential neighborhood on one side and an urban highway corridor on the other. Simple in form yet assertive in character, the building has become a landmark and connecting element, restoring a disrupted urban fabric. It is an example of a single architecture taking on an urban planning role. Standing back from the road, the tower rises amidst a small bamboo “forest” that provides a welcome green corridor for pedestrians and non-motorized mobility. The architects have opted for a carefully honed combination of minimalist shapes and sophisticated materials: a 14-story parallelepiped with a reinforced concrete frame and high-tech glass envelope. Prodema was involved on the tower’s façade, integrating the curtain wall with a system of automatically operated timber venetian blinds whose different inclinations turn the building into a transparent column or an impenetrable block. The slats are made of special triangular-section aluminum profiles clad with a timber veneer. They are fixed to façade uprights in turn linked to a system that allows both mechanical and - if necessary - manual operation. Opening and closing the slats regulates solar irradiation, protecting against heat gain and glare while allowing views onto the outside from comfortable elegant interiors made more welcoming by the warm tones given to the light by the timber strips. As well as providing occupant comfort, the louvers also change the outward appearance of the building. The façade, developed by Prodema, has an external horizontal sun-shading system whose inclination shifts slightly as the day proceeds, also contributing to the changing outer appearance of the building. This dynamic façade transforms the transparent glass building into a warm-colored wooden tower, concealing the activities inside and attracting the curiosity of passers-by.


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