Bridge over the Crati River
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Bridge over the Crati River

Spectacular infrastructure

Bridge over the Crati River
By Redazione The Plan -
ZG Lighting has participated in the project

Recently inaugurated, the Santiago Calatrava-designed bridge over the Crati River in Cosenza was built specifically to encourage urban regeneration and bring together parts of the city, connecting the Gergeri district to the old city in the hope of boosting development in the former. The bridge spans over 140 m, with two distinct parts. The one was created using a reinforced concrete load-bearing structure, while the other - the cable-stayed bridge - has a large, inclined central pylon - one of the highest in Europe - that is connected via 20 dual cables to the steel load-bearing structure of the roadway. Four lanes, two in each direction, cross the bridge, with a slightly raised pedestrian walkway in the middle dividing them. This is a genuine new urban landmark for Cosenza, with an immediately identifiable silhouette during the day and at night thanks to the multi-brand lighting project by the Zumtobel Group that emphasizes the spectacular infrastructure and increases the comfort and safety for anyone crossing the bridge on foot or in a vehicle. By lighting the structure from below, the main pylon and the cables take on a beautiful, suggestive appearance; this was done using Contrast 2 LED spots by Thorn Lighting, a Zumtobel Group brand. The original plan was to use gas-discharge and fluorescent bulbs, but these were later changed to LED optics, bringing significant energy savings as the total energy requirement dropped from about 100 kw to less than 38 kw. This solution also greatly reduces the required maintenance. As the lights can also be controlled remotely, light effects can be created. Lights from Zumtobel’s Tubilux line are installed on the sides of the lanes and on the lower section of the side railing to light to pedestrian walkway. For the final piece of the puzzle, the lighting embedded in the underside of the span illuminates the shape of the bridge as it stretches across the water.

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