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Borgo Aratico

Elegance Meets Comfort in the Apulian Countryside

Floriana Errico

Borgo Aratico
By Editorial Staff -
Nardi has participated in the project

Borgo Aratico is an elegant country house with guest accommodation that is located near to the historic town of Monopoli in southern Italy. The original rural settlement, from the 18th Century, was carefully restored, creating a complex set on 15 ha of woods, fields, hills and pathways with a main farmhouse and about 15 local dry-stone huts with conical roofs called trulli. The restoration of the main building was by Floriana Errico, creating two apartments that are connecting, so they can become one large unit if required. The project saw the traditional architecture, materials and building techniques maintained, with a landscape that has hardly changed in centuries as the backdrop, but modern comforts and contemporary technology were integrated into the complex. The furniture and furnishings were carefully selected to add new space usage and volumes both indoors and outdoors. The exterior courtyard is defined by characteristic drywalls and provides a delightful space to enjoy in the long hot summers of southern Italy. The outdoor furniture from Nardi, all designed by Raffaello Galiotto, creates a sense of simple comfort with elegant hints, using refined designs that merge perfectly into such a grand setting in which nature and architecture are part of a single harmonious whole. For example, the Komodo upholstered sofas, in grey and dove grey, are placed in the shade of a canopy to provide a corner where guests can relax and chat. The outdoor kitchen is ideal for eating close to nature, with the extendible Rio table in dove grey, and the Net chairs in dove grey, mustard, coral and willow. This combination makes dining outside a wonderful, convivial occasion. The pool area has Atlantico sunbeds and Pop tables, both in dove grey, the dominant color for all the furniture because it elegantly and discreetly blends with the key hues of the landscape. This is one of the many small, but critical details in this overall design that so effectively merges respect for the past and traditions with new ways of using such a wonderful, historical complex with delightful architecture.



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