Giuseppe Tortato: Bonaveri Showroom
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Bonaveri Showroom

Giuseppe Tortato

Giuseppe Tortato: Bonaveri Showroom
By Francesco Pagliari -

The new BonaveriMilano showroom is an effervescent mix of space and action. It combines the creativity and entrepreneurship typical of a company whose mannequins grace the fashion world, giving garments and accessories a ‘real-life’ look but at the same time making a distinctive fashion statement. Any showroom of a firm so reliant on concept innovation and production quality must mirror the many high- and low-tech aspects that go into its product range: design, craft skills and technical excellence.Giuseppe Tortato’s architectural design does just that. It tells the company story, its mix of technology, craftsmanship and openness to the world of art – not just on the occasion of the inauguration, but also as an on-going cultural venue. Architecture and interior design embody Bonaveri’s accumulated experience and potential. Passing through the regularly cadenced environments, the visitor gets a clear idea of the different aspects of product development. The succession of environments is laid out as an exhibition circuit whose visual dynamic is created by careful lighting, exquisite detailing and refined architectural solutions. Mannequins are everywhere - from the ground to the raised floor, this latter set around a patio.Extensive full-height glazing fills the interiors with natural light, setting off the timber flooring and fleck-finish walls. The result is a stage set that mutates with the artful use of artificial lighting on ceilings or as LED wall strips. At the entrance, a ‘permanent collection’ of mannequins indicates two possible itineraries. One, on the ground floor, wends its way through a series of environments reflecting the company’s production history and the constant link between art and technology. The circuit proceeds to a seating area and equipped kitchen scenario to culminate in an events area with a full-height bookshelf of volumes on fashion, design and art. The other path takes the visitor up a staircase – whose light grey painted sheet-steel parapet is a distinctive, refined architectural feature in itself - to the raised floor. Here, the circuit leads to offices, guest quarters and finally to a terrace, an outdoor events venue.
Originality and vivacity are the showroom’s key characteristics. Architectural and interior décor combine to tell the company’s story where entrepreneurial acumen goes hand in hand with inventive design in a world at the crossroads between fashion, art, craftsmanship and technology.

Francesco Pagliari   


Location: Milano
Client: Bonaveri
Completion: 2014
Gross Floor Area:  350 m2
Architects: Giuseppe Tortato
Design Team: Elena Fantoni, Giorgia Celli
Visual Design Project: Emma Davidge,
Chameleon Visual

Walls: Styl-Comp
Doord, Windows and Skylights: Uniform
Flooring: Microtopping
Doors and Wardrobes: Sistemi Raso Parete
Bathroom Fixtures: Pozzi Ginori
Wood Flooring: Idee Parquet

Photography: © Maurizio Montagna


Giuseppe Tortato
Born in Venice in 1967, Giuseppe Tortato graduated from Politecnico di Milano before moving on to University of Massachusetts Amherst. Here he collaborated with a student of Paolo Soleri, designing public and private buildings according to the principles of bioclimatic architecture.
Back in Milan, Tortato worked with Dante Benini before joining Milan Layout, eventually becoming a joint owner. Over the last decade, he has overseen this practice’s most important real estate projects. In 2013, he established Giuseppe Tortato Architects, where he continues to pursue his main areas of focus.
Tortato created the Green Business Hotel concept in Milan for Beni Stabili SGR and the Hotel Metropole in Paris for GVA Redilco, which won the 2010 Hospitality Award. Besides the recently completed Morimondo 23 and La Forgiatura designs, other important projects currently under construction include the headquarters for Ab Medica and Temporary, and the Parco Mare residential development in Trieste.

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