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Bestseller distribution center

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Bestseller distribution center
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GSE Italia has participated in the project

The Danish group Bestseller, a fast fashion colossus that brings together brands distributed and sold around the world, has created a new distribution hub in Tianjin, China, consisting of a 4-story office block (10,000 sq m) and 6 buildings for sorting and storing goods
(110,000 sq m in total). 

The GSE Group, a global general contractor with offices in Italy since 1997, was entrusted with the project on a “design & build” basis, allowing the company to cut the execution time such that it took only 13 months from obtaining authorisation to going live. 

AOTU Architecture Office in Shanghai was appointed by GSE to produce the architectural design of the office block. Functional flexibility, especially with a view to future expansion, comfort and practical working spaces were the key design elements along with optimising construction costs in relation to built area. The result was a parallelepiped volume linked by a raised walkway to the rest of the complex.  A light well cuts diagonally through a section of the building, creating space for a large diagonal staircase that links the various levels while carving out social space. As such, each floor has areas to relax next to the stairs that are visually linked, bestowing a sense of fluidity and spatial continuity. Similarly, on each level, the main meeting rooms look onto this light well through glazed walls. 

Most of the offices are open space and lie along the outside of the building, making the most of the natural light; the darker inner areas (away from the light well) are used for service and utilities rooms. 

The logistical part of the project stands out for the high degree of mechanisation, with an envelope designed around a cutting edge stacking and conveyor system. 

The entire project was designed and managed using BIM, ensuring complete integration, reducing errors and cutting the time needed.



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