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Berg Luxury Hotel

Berg Luxury Hotel
By Editorial Staff -
Laminam has participated in the project
The Berg Luxury Hotel, housed in a late 19th-century building in Rome, has recently been revamped under the guidance of Carmen Etzi. This project has provided an example of how a contemporary and innovative material can be used seamlessly in a historical edifice. Etzi chose to bring refinement and character to the interior by using Laminam’s Oxide slabs. This decision gave the public spaces a sense of uniformity, while also exalting the feeling of privacy, exclusivity and elegance. This effect was achieved partly through the careful use of other materials and decor, but also because the slabs are large and provide a unity of palette. The colour of the iridescent Oxide line plays beautifully with the use of wall lighting, drawing out the special nature of the material used to cover the surfaces. Laminam’s Oxide collection uses a layering technology that mirrors the colour and material effects of a metallic surface weathered by time and the elements. The various options in the colour palette - grey, black, dark brown, ivory, pearl, white - can be combined with each other or used in combination with other materials. The dark brown option also comes in a matt version that accents the opaque look. The Oxide collection was originally envisaged as an element to be used in aggregation with other materials, but it has often been utilised for both indoor and outdoor total-look solutions in a veritable smorgasbord of architectural contexts. Laminam collections rate highly on the aesthetic scale, but are also resistant to scratches, abrasions and deep cleaning. The absence of organic materials makes these slabs resistant to fire and high temperatures, and in the case of a fire, they do not release smoke or toxic fumes. Similarly, they can be used in eating and food preparation areas as they do no release elements into solution, helping to prevent mildew, bacteria and mould. Laminam products are eco-compatible and do not yield any elements into the environment, and can easily be ground up and entirely recycled in other manufacturing processes. LAMINAM Via Ghiarola Nuova, 258 I - 41042 Fiorano Modenese (MO) Tel. +39 0536 1844200 Fax +39 0536 1844201 E-mail: [email protected]
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