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Beech Valley: four vacation homes in the Kashubian Valley, Poland

Simple lines, spruce, and lots of light – the ideal place for nature lovers just a stone’s throw from beech forests and Lake Grabówko


Beech Valley ArchMondo Poland
By Redazione The Plan -

Beech Valley is a complex of four vacation homes in the Kashubian Valley, Poland. It was designed by ArchMondo | Piotr Kowalczyk to resemble a small village or farmstead, and to blend into its natural setting.

A decision to work on a small scale, with simple shapes and natural lines, distinguishes this architecture, giving it a contemporary and harmonious appearance. The light gray used for the exterior side walls and the gable roofs provides a counterpoint to the spruce boards on the front and back façades. Contrasting metal, stucco, and natural timber articulate the forms of these small, essential houses.

Located near the enchanting Lake Grabówko and the centuries-old beech forests that surround the valley, Beech Valley is for people who love to be close to nature and expeditions. It’s ideal for swimming, fishing, and kayaking, as well as for relaxation and silence.

Beech Valley - ArchMondo © Fotomohito, courtesy ArchMondo


Beech Valley: large windows on the Kashubian Valley

Each residence has a large outdoor area, with the lots measuring 5400 sq.ft. (500 m2). There’s also a common area shared by the four houses that’s open and fluid, recalling the community spaces of traditional Polish rural villages. There are also covered terraces, providing an area with greater privacy for each home.

Large windows bring plenty of natural light into the interiors, while providing a constant connection with outdoors and the surrounding landscape. Each of the four houses has a living area at ground level and, upstairs, three bedrooms with a single bathroom.

The Beech Valley project is unique in the way it combines contemporary style with a traditional flavor inspired by the ancient rhythms of nature and the Kashubian Valley. The result is a simple but striking approach to architecture.


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Location: Kashubian Valley, Poland
Completion: 2022
Site Area (one house): 500m2
Building Area (one house): 86m2
Architect: ArchMondo | Piotr Kowalczyk
Interior Design: Marzena Pionk

Photography by Fotomohito, courtesy of ArchMondo

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