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Beacon of Light

Modular and translucent surfaces

Faulknerbrowns Architects

Beacon of Light
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Dott.Gallina has participated in the project

Beacon of Light is unique in England, a sports, fitness, community and education facility that also has co-working spaces. Designed by FaulknerBrowns Architects, the complex develops vertically - rising five floors - and horizontally - with numerous airy indoor spaces and delightful green outdoor areas. The extensive sports facilities include soccer pitches, and basketball and tennis courts, while the actual buildings were designed placing great importance of sound and lighting requirements. Since diffused light was desired inside, the external cladding was made with a system of alveolar polycarbonate arcoPlus 626 panels by dott.gallina. For the load-bearing structure, stainless steel was chosen, because it is cheap, flexible, durable and light. This meant a modular system could be built, perfectly matching the other components of the building, including the concrete sections and other modular external cladding. Inside, there is a long staircase that crosses the entire building, encouraging the physical and visual integration of space, and becoming a defining architectural element, clearly visible from the outside through dott.gallina’s translucent alveolar polycarbonate curtain wall. This modular system uses panels that are 18 m high, 60 cm wide and 2 cm thick, with five internal air chambers.
Each element of the external surface was co-extruded using UV-tech treatment to ensure UV ray protection for an extended period of time. To improve the performance of the envelope, each panel was produced with an anti-reflex finish to guarantee diffused, uniform light - this helps prevent the players having to manage blinding light during the day, while offering diffuse backlit lighting at night. The external translucent surface can also be used in producing different lighting effects. Since the Beacon of Light is part of the Foundation of Light, it means the foundation can constantly customize the building’s appearance, using different colors for different events.


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