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Backstage Hotel

Heinz Julien

Backstage Hotel
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The Backstage Hotel nestles in the heart of Zermatt and acts as an extension to the Vernissage cultural centre, with its restaurant, bar and cinema. Like much of the centre, the hotel was designed by Heinz Julien, an architect and artist who oversaw every detail of both the building and interior design, even drawing and making decorative elements and furniture. The wooden, steel and glass construction fits in easily amid the surrounding buildings, reflecting the peaks of the Matterhorn. 

The interior is luxurious and eclectic, with decorations that add a slightly surreal touch. Elegance and excellent craftsmanship are the other key features of the interior, merging into the items and furnishings created specifically for the communal areas and rooms. The six Cube Lofts are an excellent example of this, with their cubic steel and glass structures that have a utilities and bathroom area on the lower level and a bedroom section above. Glass is also used in the bedrooms to remove spatial barriers and allow glimpses of furnishings and design objects. Cea provided the stainless steel taps and fittings as the linear design and quality finishings suited the refined, wonderfully crafted feel that pervades the hotel. 

The Gradi collection, designed by Natalino Malasorti, was selected for the sinks (Gra04 swivel mixer) and the baths (Gra14 freestanding mixer). 

It was a choice based on the experience, material quality and technological and design research that are the core of Cea Design production. 


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