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automobili Lamborghini
By Editorial Staff -
Dott.Gallina has participated in the project

When Lamborghini needed to extend its manufacturing plant in Bologna to make space for new production process facilities, it turned to Archilinea for the design. The work covered 80,000 sq.m, with the brief focusing on working area quality, interior wellness and an architectural identity that reflects the brand. The main challenge facing the designers was to construct a series of new buildings to house differing functions and technology, ensuring harmony between the new facilities and integration into the existing industrial context. For example, the extension encompassed multiple buildings and facilities, including the manufacturing building for the Urus line, the vehicle testing area, the finishing department, the CCHP and power plant, the Torre 1963 office block (with LEED Platinum certification) and the logistics warehouse. The choice of building materials was fundamental in achieving the design goals, making it essential the materials and systems were not only high performance, but also modular, swift to assemble or build, functionally flexible, energy efficient, durable and able to provide acoustic comfort. The continuous building façades, made of honeycomb polycarbonate panels from dott. gallina, is a evident example of this. The same material was selected for the skylights. Polycarbonate blocks UV rays and keeps the elements out, including hail, helping cut energy costs by allowing in natural light, but removing the potentially irritating glare of direct sunlight. Aesthetically, such panels add personality to any façade, creating colorful reflections that shift with the passing of time and the changing of the weather.


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