Atalanta FOOTBALL CLUB Youth Center
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Atalanta FOOTBALL CLUB Youth Center

A Place for Sport and Growing Up

DE8 Architetti

Atalanta FOOTBALL CLUB Youth Center
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LignoAlp has participated in the project
The new Atalanta Calcio Football Club youth center, designed by De8 Architetti and built in partnership with LignoAlp, is part of the wider Bortolotti Sports Center renewal project at Zingonia. This renewal project is an important, high-quality factor in an ideal city founded initially in the Province of Bergamo in the mid-’60s as an entrepreneurial, town planning and social experiment that, unfortunately, did not fully deliver on its initial hopes. As general contractor, LignoAlp was completely responsible for managing the construction phase, including the executive design of the timber structure and installations in the building. Located next to the existing changing rooms, of which it is now the termination, it provides a total 1,610 sq. m of floorspace arranged over two floors. The structure houses a large gym, medical and physiotherapy rooms, areas for learning, offices, meeting rooms, a conference hall and a dedicated TV shooting area. Designed and built by LignoAlp, the structure consists of a timber load-bearing system of external frame walls, X-Lam floors and a pitched roof with exposed wooden beams. Inside the gym, the 14-meter-long floor has no intermediate supports. This was made technically possible by hooking the horizontal structures onto two Vierendeel beams encased into the upper floor partitions to achieve a completely clear organization of space. Looking out on all sides onto the training pitches, the Youth Center acts as the hub for the entire sports complex, fostering a strong sense of indoor/outdoor interaction. The irregularly-shaped layout is abutted by elevations that interrelate with the outdoor areas in different ways thanks to a variety of different façade approaches: the copper alloy metal cladding that offers a compact definition of the western outlook is less intense on the other sides, thanks to the inclusion of portions of black-painted plaster, tightly-perforated metallic wings and, to the north-east, the addition of a vertical interweave of LVL blades. Along with other work at the Sports Center, the entire design was conceived to foster regeneration in a challenging urban context, enriching the identity of this educational and learning location through architecture.

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