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Cassiopea: Sustainable Beauty

Studio Galileo

Apartment Block
By Editorial Staff -
Röfix has participated in the project

Rising 35 m in the Prati di Gries district of the northern Italian city of Bozen, the Cassiopea apartment block was designed by architect Simone Sartori from Studio Galileo. The overall architectural effect is lively and dynamic, with colors and shapes used cleverly to give the elevations an active identity. At the heart of this successful accomplishment lies the careful choice of the most suitable materials.
For the façades, this translated into selecting the Drop effect from the Röfix Kreativ collection, with its visible grain finish adding the desired sense of movement for the exterior surfaces. In sections, PE 519 Premium Dark paint was used to combine a deep color with suitable reflection thanks to the incorporated NIR-reflective pigments that ensure minimal sunrays absorption. This equates to reduced surface temperatures and, consequently, less thermal stress. 
The architect clearly foregrounded aesthetics, but not to the detriment of sustainability, as the CasaClima A Nature certification shows. This achievement required the active involvement of Röfix’s advisory team, specializing in thermal insulation, and they suggested the Röfix Light system and insulating panels in grey for EPS-F 031 Relax façades, with special exterior “cuts” to reduce tension. The same care was taken in planning and creating the interior environments, where comfort was prioritized. The internal walls were made using natural materials with natureplus and A+ certification, such as the CalceClima® Ambiente coating and the CalceClima® Fino finish. The chosen paint was PI 262 Ökosil Plus, which is free of harmful emissions and solvents. 

Via Venosta, 70 - I - 39020 Parcines (BZ)
Tel.: +39 0473 966100 

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