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Doors and Windows that Frame the Landscape

Machina Architetti Associati

A&M House
By Editorial Staff -
Agostini Group has participated in the project

When Machina Architetti Associati designed A&M House, the goal was not only to reuse the shell of the pre-existing mid-20th century home on the site, but also to create a dialogue between the structure and the Sile River – such a fundamental part of Treviso – thus opening up the building to the landscape. Using reinforced concrete clad with different materials depending on the side – whether it faces the city or the open landscape –, the shape is free form, creating a permeable space in which expansive glazing plays a core role. The elevations facing the river and the inner garden are particularly important, with evocative views that can be fully enjoyed thanks to Agostini Group’s windows and doors. For the private sides of the house, sliding doors from the minimal frames collection (zero level option) were chosen because they create a minimalist esthetic impact, but provide excellent insulation performance, optimized by the Omega triple glazing solution.

Casa A&M © Marco Zanta, courtesy Agostini Group

The same technical solution is found in other parts of the house, such as the dining room and a special glass structure that provides light to some of the ground floor interiors. For hinged windows and sliding doors, the Fibex Inside Aluminium Design series combines the colors of aluminum with the strength and performance of Fibex composite, ensuring minimal profiles and burglar-proof strength. All in all, Agostini Group’s vision, based on creating technical solutions that make it possible for living spaces to be open to light and the landscape, was an ideal match for the architects’ desire to maximize the views in this design, taking advantage of doors and windows with thin frames and essential geometric lines that combine functionality with comfort and design. 

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