Allianz Tower An “Endless” Glazed Skyscraper
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Allianz Tower An “Endless” Glazed Skyscraper

Andrea Maffei Architects | Arata Isozaki & Associates

Allianz Tower  An “Endless” Glazed Skyscraper
By Editorial Staff -
AGC Flat Glass has participated in the project

Inspired by Constantine Brancusi’s endless column, the Allianz Tower in Milan was built to a design by Andrea Maffei Architects and Arata Isozaki.

Rising 202 m, the building is the tallest in Italy (measured at roof level), while adding the antenna takes it to 247 m, the sixth highest in the EU. The idea was to create a skyscraper as a metaphor for endless architecture, soaring above the other buildings in the CityLife district. To give practical form to this idea, six-floor glazed modules were used, long, narrow constructions that were then placed one on top of the other creating a slightly curved façade. It is this that creates the endless effect as you look at the tower, slowly sensing the size of the volume as you look higher and higher. 

The building is defined by transparency, lightness and dynamism, elements that AGC Glass Europe helped created through its consultancy and by supplying 120,000 sq m of the latest generation glass. The glazed modules were created using AGC’s cold bending technique for the glass and Focchi’s mechanical fastening system to attach this to the aluminum frame. 

The work areas were designed to be extremely flexible spaces, with completely glazed façades that allow in natural light and provide spectacular, uninterrupted views that reach as far as the Alps. The double glazing helps improve energy performance, increasing the insulation coefficients and blocking harmful rays. It uses a special magnetronic glass (Stopray Vision-60T on Clearvision) on the outside and a low emission glass (iplus E on Clearvision) on the inside. On the southern side, to cut the amount of light during the hottest part of the day, white screen printing was added to the glass. AGC’s Planibel Clearvision, a low-iron glass, was selected as it offers excellent color rendering with minimal reflections, thus increasing the overall transparency. 


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