Alcatel-Lucent Campus - Vimercate, Italy
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Alcatel-Lucent Campus - Vimercate, Italy

Alcatel-Lucent Campus - Vimercate, Italy
By Editorial Staff -
ISG has participated in the project

Inside the Vimercate Energy Park, which is part of the Brianza technology hub on the outskirts of Milan, ISG was involved in the fitting out and the technical installations at the new headquarters of the telecommunications multinational company Alcatel-Lucent.
The complex was designed by Garretti Associati and extends across five buildings, with a total surface area of 32,000 sq m. It houses offices, research labs and a 150-seater auditorium. A central building acts as the access hall and connection hub, while also housing common areas
for employees and visitors, including meeting rooms, a demo area and a lounge with tables and chairs for breaks and meals.
The Energy Park was conceived to achieve LEED certification and it was awarded the highest level (platinum), the first ever in Italy. The working spaces were designed to ensure employee well-being, with lots of natural light from the glazed walls that characterise all the volumes. The indoor fitting out was done by Lombardini22 and DEGW Italia. Their goal was to create a quality work setting that encourages employee interaction and communication. In its capacity as general
contractor, ISG Italia contributed to the floating floors, the partitions (plasterboard or foldable), the painting, and installing the electrical, hydraulic, mechanical and special systems. They also coordinated the work going on in the five buildings simultaneously. A sizeable portion of
ISG’s involvement was the creation of the R&D labs, covering a surface area of over 8,000 sq m. The service installation presented particular complexities.
The fitting out that was completed by the ISG team at Alcatel-Lucent’s new headquarters was done seamlessly with the broader energy saving and sustainability goals that are the hallmark of the Vimercate Energy Park.

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