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Variety and uniformity of finishings

Studio AD di Mauro Argentin | Simone Daminato

Albergo Roma
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Lapitec has participated in the project

Albergo Roma looks onto the walls of the old fortified town of Castelfranco Veneto, in the Treviso province of northern Italy, and the extensive Piazza Giorgione. In 2014, a fire destroyed the fourth floor, once housing 14 rooms, and caused damage across much of the rest of the building. But the owners were determined to rebuild better than before, seeing this opportunity as a chance to change the hotel’s look, architecture and guest facilities. The Studio AD, headed by Mauro Argentin and Simone Daminato, decided to move the breakfast room to the fourth floor, next to a restaurant with an enviable glazed façade. Five brand new suites were then built on this level, with the remaining floors overhauled and redone without making structural changes. The basement level originally had a kitchen and the breakfast room, but in the new formation it has a gym, a spa with a Finnish sauna, Hamman, light showers, relaxation area and oxygen room. The revamp was quite diverse in many senses, but the use of color and material helped provided unity. Notably, the flooring, cladding and coating for numerous surfaces was done using Lapitec® “full bodied” sintered stone, partly because it is very versatile and ease to work. Lapitec® was used in different finishings for various surfaces. The Satin finish, with a lovely silky sheen, is easy to clean and was selected in the Grigio Piombo version for the elevator floor and Moca for the bathroom counter tops, the desks in the bedrooms and the working areas behind the bar. Moca, but this time with in the finely wrinkled Lithos finish, was chosen for the restaurant and bathroom floors, for various bathroom surfaces and for the large counter on the fourth floor. The wall coping near the large restaurant window was done with Moca again, but in the Fossil version, which recalls a flamed natural stone surface. By opting for Lapitec®, the designers achieved the desired uniformity of color and material, while also being able - precisely because of the properties of this material - to add fine details like 45° edges or LED lighting in tight spaces.



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