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3F Filippi has participated in the project

The design by Carlo Ratti Associati for the Agnelli Foundation in Turin restored the building that was the home to the Foundation until 2011. The complex was opened up to the city on one side with eating areas and workshop spaces. An innovative new approach to work space was adopted, especially in the co-working zones, which cover 3,000 sq.m and have been specifically designed to offer configuration flexibility and comfort. 3F Filippi’s involvement in the project was to provide its lighting technologies and products in these co-working zones and other areas. The building management system can be controlled by individual users through a smartphone app, altering the temperature and lighting for single workstations as needed. Each desk has a custom suspended rectangular metallic panel that includes a fan coil to produce hot and cold air, and two special L 1x30W/830 LED DALI optics that can be regulated as needed. Light quality was vital to the project, setting the following key parameters: UGR below 19; 3,660 Lumen; 65° radial angles and color rending above 80. The chosen color temperature was 3,000 K to create a warm, enjoyable atmosphere. In addition to these devices - 220 in total - used across the three floors, in some of the small workshops and an eating area on the basement level, 59 recessed devices were installed in the corridors. These are equivalent to those used for the metal panels, in the 1x24 version. Finally, 65 Galassia LED devices were installed in the bathrooms.


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